Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cotton Candy Sampler Scrapkit Freebie

Finally, another kit - I've been wanting to get a few more shared for some time now but things just didn't go as planned. This started out as a "sampler" - a couple papers and a few elements- but it kind of grew - so its a bit more than a sampler - but not as large as most of my kits are going to be- so its kind of in between those 2 sizes. The tou's are in the zip form. The papers are saved in jpg form and the elements are saved in psd extension.
Please, if you download this kit and your friends like it - do not send them to my 4 shared account -instead , please send them here to my blog... and have them pick it up from here, the same as you did.
I would love to see comments- , here and on 4 shared - it may encourage me enough to put more kits up in a more timely fashion. I love creating them but I love even more- hearing that others are enjoying them ;-)
Here are the links for the files - let me know if you have any problems at all getting the files and or with the files once you have downloaded and extracted them. - Click Here and Here to get both files.
I'd love to see anything you create using any of my kits- , so feel free to share them with me by e-mailing me- also to ask any questions- just send an email to
Enjoy and Happy Scrapping !
Hugs, TammyJo

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Word Art * Freebie *

Talk about going in spurts lol. Here is another Word Art freebie - although most so far have been rather plain- I do have some that are not so plain but they'll have to be uploaded at a later time. Home life before computer life - and my kids mean the world to me. So - without further ado- I must go cook and clean and all that. This is a rather large sized Word Art but resizes nicely when resizing by percentage wise . Tou's are included in zip. Please dont share my 4shared link directly in groups - but instead -send your friends here to get the link to pick it up -as you did ;-) You can right click and save image and add my blog url- and share that with groups or friends but please do not share the 4 shared link. . If you sign up with the feed blitz - you will get automatic updates in your e-mail. ( with the image intact even ). Hope someone can use this - I will be uploading more later tonight ( not necessarily word art- have plenty of other goodies to share also ) - we'll see how things go.
Here is the link to pick up the word art : Download Here
Let me know if you have any problems getting the file - opening the file etc. Saved in PSD extension so should open in all or at least "most" graphic programs.
Hugs, TammyJo

More Word Art * Freebie *

Seems it has been forever since my last upload here for sharing - , been a busy buggar...... lol. Busy is good though ;-) Here is another WordArt - and same rules as before apply. There is a tou' text pad included with the zip file. Please do not share anything with friends or groups other than the preview and link to my blog here... .. Please click " Here" to pick up the file ..
I'd rather have your friends come here and pick the file up - as you have. Please do not share the direct link to my 4-shared..... thats a big problem with many creators that are sharing - we do have a reason for wanting you to go through our blog... and hey- while your here- why not leave a " Hello" or a " Thank you" ... or just some type of note so I know you've been here. We love hearing from you. - Enjoy the word art and keep your eyes open- updates coming soon- several items done- just need ' put together". - Hugs your way and I hope everyone is having a great day. TammyJo- *TJ*
P.s. if you have any trouble downloading the file or opening the file- let me know and we'll get it to you another way. This is saved in PSD extension - which should open in any or at least 'most' graphic programs.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Green Esteem Mini Scrap Kit Freebie*

Here , as stated twice earlier lol- is one of many more to come- scrapkits. It's a mini kit and there will be a larger one available at a later date to all my mini kits.
Please Read the tou's that are included in the kit and if sharing this kit in groups or in emails with friends .....right click and save preview and then link to my blog so they can come here and pick it up -the same as you have.
You can pick up the kit by clicking HERE for the elements and HERE for the papers.
Enjoy and please don't forget to leave some love if you download ! Comments are very much appreciated.
Hugs, TammyJo

P.s. Edited and added the hyperlinks - sorry about leaving them off the first time around.

Another Word Art Freebie * Corrected*

If you've downloaded this file previous to today, July 10 at 10:00 pm.. Please delete what you have and re-download the new file. Ellie kindly let me know that I had a mistake in my spelling of the word "Friend". I didn't even notice it -until it was pointed out. Whoops! Thanks so much for letting me know Ellie.

To get the file, please click on the preview. Comments are always welcome. There have been so many downloads on my files , yet far and few between on comments-thank you's etc. I would love to hear from you. So please take time to leave a comment.
As with all my files of Word Art- please do not change the files name- please do not share the file through groups or with friends. Instead, send your friends here, to my blog- so they can pick the file up the same way you did. You may right click and save my preview and add the link to my blog on the email if you would like to share it in your groups or with your friends. Thank you in advance.
Hugs your way,

P.s. If you have any problems getting the file- email me at and I'll see what I can do to help get the file to you.

Just a Quick Note about the hand made goodies

Just a quick note and possible reminder- I am separating the home-made creations that I have up for offer and wanted to let you know so you can keep updated on the progress. I do now have green yarn- so off to knit some green mittens and hats. Sorry for the delay- who'd a thunk finding green yarn would be hard. - so follow the link- and please leave me a note over there in my c-box - or in the comment section -if you are interested and want to purchase these cute little ornaments-decorations etc.

Thanks and Hugs all around-
Good Morning.

More word art and another scrap kit should go up today on this blog. Unless , of course, something prevents that from happening.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Real Friends Word Art Freebie

Yet another word art that I created while waiting for my company to return. Hoping someone can get some use of the word art I am sharing. It resizes perfectly if you resize in percentage. As always, tou's are included in the zip and you can pick up your freebie word art by clicking on the preview.
Please remember send your friends here to my blog if they too would like the word art. Do not direct link to my 4shared. Thanks in advance .
Enjoy , This file is saved in psd form - let me know if you have any trouble getting the file and I'll see what I can do to help you get it correctly.

P.s. Another scrapkit coming soon.

Angels Give us direction -WordArt Freebie

I was playing in my psp again and gave the word art to the left here a few different tries as you can see. - I couldn'd decide which one I liked best so I saved all of them and decided to share them also with you.
Each Word Art is on a separate layer. I hope you enjoy.
Please be sure to read the tou's included in the zip.
And most importantly- please do not share the 4shared link - instead share my blogger link along with the preview ( right click and save if you want ) - and have your friends pop in here for a visit and they can pick up their own ;-)
Click on the preview to be taken to the download area. Please let me know if you have any problems with getting the file. You can always e-mail me at
Comments are always welcome.
Hugs ,
Tammy Jo

A Real Friend Word Art Freebie

In a hurry this morning- a busy morning it is going to be.
I hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th.
Just felt like creating in psp and this is my outcome-so sharing ;-)
Let me know if you have any trouble with the file- it is saved in psd form. Click on the file to get your copy.
Hugs, Tammy Jo

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Half-Cracked (LOL) Word Art Freebie

Off to get some z's as I have been up all night. Bogging down but sure did enjoy playing in psp without interruptions. etc. Hoping some one can get some enjoyment out of my latest shares.

This word art is one quote I'm sure we've all heard at one time or another. - Click on the preview to pick up the file and remember please do not share the link to my 4shared , if you share this word art at all - please only do so by saving the preview and adding the link to my blog here so people can come pick it up here.

Enjoy and if you have any problems getting the file - let me know .

p.s. This is for all of you that are always helping me get through life - even if I am half-cracked . lol. Love you's you know.!

Success -Word Art Freebie

Yep, I'm still at it ... Hopefully, this file opens correctly for anyone who is interested in it. I normally save my files in pspimage - but am finding that many of you can not open those files easily -so this time I saved it as psd. ( a first for me ) - so if anyone has any problems with this file- email me and we'll fix it .

Tou's are included in the zip- Please read ;-) Click on the preview to go pick up the file ...

Please keep filename the same and if you want to share in groups or with friends- please right click, save the preview and use my blog addy for the hyperlink.
Remember , never send anyone to my 4 shared account..... send them to the blogs instead.

If you are enjoying my freebie shares- please leave a little hug so I know you were here.

Thanks in advance and enjoy your freebie.

Tammy Jo

Free As A Butterfly Scrap Kit Sampler Freebie

Decided to add another scrap kit freebie .. Please remember when you download the file to read the tou's that are also contained in the zip file.
I do not mind if you right click and save the preview here along with the hyperlink to my blog to share around in groups and or to friends but please do not send anyone to direct download it at 4 shared . And please do not share the file after you download it... Send others here to my blog instead. Thank you very much.....

If you have any problems getting these files - please leave me a note and I'll see what I can do to get the files to you.

I hope you enjoy- I sure enjoyed creating it. I want to throw in a public " Thank you note " to Farrah -
"Thank you Farrah " ..... For everything you do for so many of us online. You are a true gem....

Here are the links to pick up the kit . Elements can be picked up HERE and Papers can be picked up HERE.
Hoping everyone is as well as can be.


P.s. Please take time to leave a Hello..... I love hearing from you all.