Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WallPaper for you to use

I made some wallpaper and am sharing it if you want to use it - it is created with the use of the artist ©Suzanne Woolcott. I have a license to use her art and you too, can get one by purchasing her art at GorjussArt.

To get the wallpaper in full size- click directly on the image shown- then right click and save as , when the larger version appears. I'd like to keep the file name intact- so if it is not saving properly- the name you should save it as is SW-Scrabble-Wallpaper-TammyJoTraver.jpg.

Please don't share this wallpaper via email - or groups- if you want to share it, please send your friends here to get their own - Thank you ! Enjoy ! Hugs- TJ