Saturday, May 31, 2008

I think I forgot to update on Scrolling Tutorial # 2

Last update I made regarding the Scrolling Stationery ( for Incredimail) tutorial was the download link and preview for the scrapkit that I made to go along with the tutorial if anyone should choose to use it - it can be made with other material - of course ! LOL....

But anyhow- the tutorial is now upfront and can be found by going to and click on the Enter button - then on the second page-go down to the drop down menu... then on to "Tutorials" - then the agreement for accepting tou's - and it will then take you to the list of "tutorials" ( only 2 at the moment ) - nope- 3 ! - and hopefully soon, more will be added. These updates are almost impossible on dial up. But I'm persistent ! -

If you give Tutorial # 2 a try ( open scrolling tutorial ) - , and need any help- just send me an email and I'll be glad to help.

Hugs your way- scrapkit share -later today if time permits - so stop back !


Friday, May 30, 2008

Angel Friends Tube

Here is yet another tube from last year that I thought I'd add to my blog... Click on the image to be taken to the zip.
As mentioned before- please don't share the file. You can share an email with a preview and the link to my blog- that is fine. I would prefer people come visit the blog to get any of my freebies. Thanks in advance !
Have a few scrapkits about ready to add- but first need to upload them - almost impossible on dial up- so bear with me - they'll be here to share with you soon.
Hoping everyone is having a nice day...... it's rainy here in Michigan but nice outside ( temperature wise ) - tad humid - which makes me dizzy but - I prefer this weather over winter weather , any day! ......... Off to fold laundry - any offers for help? lol.
Hugs, TammyJo

Bear Reading Book Tube

When I first began this blog- I put a preview up of a tube I had created last year but I did not leave the link...
So- now I am putting the preview here once again and this time- if you click on that preview , you will be taken to download the zip file .
Let me know if you have any problems downloading the file.
My tubes tou's are also in the zip.

Please share the preview with link back to my blog only , if sharing it at all. I'd rather people stop here at my blog to pick it up. Also- would love to hear from you if you stop in. :-)

I hope you enjoy the tube.



Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lovely Lavendar Frame Freebie

Something a little different... Actually, I love playing in psp as earlier noted... I've created many frames. I thought this one was particularly eyecatching so am sharing with whomever would like to use it. There is information in the properties of the frame. Just in case they dont work as planned ....
Please keep filename intact- no changing it. Please don't claim as your own.
Not mandatory but appreciated, credit back to © Tammy Jo Traver and the link of my blog
Click the frame to get your free frame.
Please do not share the frame in groups /with friends etc- you can share the preview with a link to my blog... I do prefer that it be picked up here.
Thanks in advance..
Hugs and Hope your all having a safe Memorial weekend.
P.s. Contact me if any errors in picking up the frame.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lets Talk Scrapkit * Freebie * by TammyJo

Okay, be gentle on me- this is thee first kit I'm "sharing" ... I've made several but haven't shared them as of yet.
Last night, I somehow was able to upload the preview that you see here even from dial up.
My son uploaded the scrapkit for me from my Mothers house- who also has but hers is working .
From this point, I need to say a huge Thank you to my friend Mary, for downloading, checking the file and re-uploading it to 4 shared so that if anyone else wants to download it -now you can do so. Click on the preview itself to be taken to the download spot.
This kit was made to go with the scrolling stationery that I made for the second tutorial -but of course, can be used for other tutorials etc if so desired. Please do read the tou's.... that are included in the zip and please do not share the link with anyone else- instead , send them here... to my blog.
More kits coming soon !
P.s. Please note- that the second tutorial is not upfront just yet , but will be sometime today . So if you do get Page Not Found- try again a bit later. I am working on it but remember- I'm on dialup and for some reason , keep getting disconnected today.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another Note

Thought I should pop in and say " Hello" .....

My is down so everything is being done on " dial up" - boy what a difference... talk about a snails pace. Frustrating at times but ,- as I always say " It could be worse."?

I've been busy creating not only more tutorials for my web site but finally taking time to put together some scrapkits - I'll have some to share soon.

If anyone needs help with the scrolling stationery tutorial - don't be afraid to e-mail me.. I don't mind helping..... . ( I check this address most often ).

I am having a ball seeing all the outcomes everyone is getting from the tutorial. ( My styles box is happy ). Keep up the great work.

I think I am about to head to bed. I must be getting old ? I almost cant make it past 9 pm anymore and I go nowhere? ....

Lets blame the Ehlers Danlos..... ( yeah , sounds good to me ).

Hugs to all and I hope you have a great night!

P.s. Not very many days left to get a free 25.00 from RME - , if you are interested - you better hurry and send me an invitation please note.

P.P.S. Almost forgot to tell ya's - I am trying things out to sell Avon online - if you are interested - let me know and I'll send you the url. I wanted some things for myself lol and there were no reps that I knew so I found one I knew ( me.).