Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Word Art * Freebie *

Talk about going in spurts lol. Here is another Word Art freebie - although most so far have been rather plain- I do have some that are not so plain but they'll have to be uploaded at a later time. Home life before computer life - and my kids mean the world to me. So - without further ado- I must go cook and clean and all that. This is a rather large sized Word Art but resizes nicely when resizing by percentage wise . Tou's are included in zip. Please dont share my 4shared link directly in groups - but instead -send your friends here to get the link to pick it up -as you did ;-) You can right click and save image and add my blog url- and share that with groups or friends but please do not share the 4 shared link. . If you sign up with the feed blitz - you will get automatic updates in your e-mail. ( with the image intact even ). Hope someone can use this - I will be uploading more later tonight ( not necessarily word art- have plenty of other goodies to share also ) - we'll see how things go.
Here is the link to pick up the word art : Download Here
Let me know if you have any problems getting the file - opening the file etc. Saved in PSD extension so should open in all or at least "most" graphic programs.
Hugs, TammyJo

More Word Art * Freebie *

Seems it has been forever since my last upload here for sharing - , been a busy buggar...... lol. Busy is good though ;-) Here is another WordArt - and same rules as before apply. There is a tou' text pad included with the zip file. Please do not share anything with friends or groups other than the preview and link to my blog here... .. Please click " Here" to pick up the file ..
I'd rather have your friends come here and pick the file up - as you have. Please do not share the direct link to my 4-shared..... thats a big problem with many creators that are sharing - we do have a reason for wanting you to go through our blog... and hey- while your here- why not leave a " Hello" or a " Thank you" ... or just some type of note so I know you've been here. We love hearing from you. - Enjoy the word art and keep your eyes open- updates coming soon- several items done- just need ' put together". - Hugs your way and I hope everyone is having a great day. TammyJo- *TJ*
P.s. if you have any trouble downloading the file or opening the file- let me know and we'll get it to you another way. This is saved in PSD extension - which should open in any or at least 'most' graphic programs.