Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a small note about the knitted hat and mittens

Over on the right hand side menu - you will see a link to my handmade items blog- I have updated there and added a few more pictures of them with the green yarn - smaller than previously shown due to the yarn being smaller - go here : TJsHandmadeCrafts , to take a peek . Pay pal set up will be placed on site for them asap. - for those of you who have already been in contact with me for ordering them - please be sure to tell me exactly how you want them- color - stripes/ no stripes and what not. Price remains same for you due to having the waiting period to get your order going. Thank you for your patience.
There are going to be other homemade items on the other blog- so please, if interested - sign up for the feedblitz so that you will receive the updates.
Thanks in advance.
I have another outcome to add here that a lovely lady made from my Cotton Candy mini kit . So keep checking back - she did a lovely job !
Hoping everyone is doing well .
TammyJo *TJ*