Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Freebie Word Art- True Friends leave footprints in your heart

I had a smidgeon bit of free time this morning -so decided to have a go at some word art that has been creeping up on me to create for some time now. My word art is a bit on the large side but resizes perfectly using bicubic when resizing in percentages to use with stats and or layouts or quick pages.
I hope you can find use for this word art ... I know I will ... This quote definitely has true meaning for all of us in our lives. It takes many thorns to find the roses. Thank you to all my true friends that have left footprints in my heart. Love you dearly.
As always, the tou's are in the zip file. You can get the word art by clicking " HERE" . If you have any problems or questions , feel free to shoot me an email .
Feel free to share by right clicking and saving the image then adding the link to my blog so your friends can come pick up the file also (if they are interested in it ) . Please use for the link. If you sign up for my feedblitz- you will automatically receive updates when posted with the image intact.
Hugs and Hope everyone has a beautiful day !