Saturday, April 19, 2008

Word Art Freebie

I made a few different files with "Word Art" and decided it was time to "Make" time to add at least something here ... This Word Art is to use as you like... You can colorize it or use as is. They are on different layers. For credit just use Word Art from Tammy Jo Traver ( if able to hyperlink -you can hyperlink to my blog here or . ) Thank you and here is the image of Freebie # 1. Click on the image to download.

The Scrolling Stationery Tutorial * Just a note*

Has kept me pretty busy ( in my spare time ).... I have had many people write about it . Thanking me and some for a bit of help- which I do not mind at all ..... I love hearing from you all. I will let you know when the re-vamping is complete ... its very close to being totally done. It is more in depth... step by step.... and anyone that creates Incredimail "letters" can do it... so when I give te notice that it is up and done..... take a peek ... It is lengthy , but as I said, step by step -which made it lengthier.
I can not believe how far that tutorial has reached already . Yay! I am so glad you all like it. ( I do think you will like the re-vamped one better though- its stretched across several pages and not all up and down on one-where it gets a bit confusing.
So- just a note that I'm still here, just busy busy.
Hoping everyone is doing well. I shall soon have some freebies to post along with a few PTU kits ( but I need more time in a day. LOL )