Thursday, April 24, 2008

RME- Have you heard of it ?

Have any of you heard of RME ? Revolution Money Exchange? - It's like PayPal . They are having a deal right now for people that sign up until May 15th... The deal is, if you sign up you will get $25.00 free from them as soon as you fill out your profile etc. I did it, and got my money right away. For every person that you send an invitation to that signs up and completes their profile .. you get ten dollars for referral.

If this sounds like something you are interested in ... contact me at and I'll send you an invitation. What do you have to lose ? Its an easy way to make free money.

If you don't get an invitation though, then you have to show them your utility bill lol.... so just ask for an invitation and that will bypass that situation. Yep, I do get ten dollars if you sign up under me but just think how many people might sign up under you once you send your invitations out? You'll get your free 25.00 plus ten dollars per sign up.

I like it !

Just a tidbit of infiormation shared ... so many of us are pinching dollars , trying to make ends meet each month -this is one way to help that battle.

More Word Art Freebie

I know I am a true fan of using Word Art. I hope someone likes and can use these. A link back to my site if used on sites or in stationery would be nice but its not mandatory. This is another " colorize to whatever you prefer" type of Word art. Yes, lol - I put the wrong year on my label. Not once, but twice ! ... Oh well lol- we all know it is 2008. ( Isn't it? *snickers* )

How about a hyperlink to pick up the word art !? I can't believe I did that. File is zipped and can be picked up " HERE" .

Hugs and Hope everyone is doing well, let me know if you have any problems getting the file .

TammyJo *TJ*


Hoping to put up a few goodies sometime today yet.
I hope everyone is doing well?

I just have to tell everyone just how great of jobs they are doing with their outcome of the scrolling stationery tutorial that I placed up. I would also like to say "Thank YOU " for adding the return hyperlink to my site. That way, others too, can learn to create a scrolling stationery. If you created one from my tutorial - please show me- I love seeing the results.

Hugs and see you a bit later , Hopefully !

and Hopefully, with a few goodies .

TammyJo aka MoonDancer

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's done - It's done !

Well, its finally revised and up for the public eye... I hope it will make things a bit easier for everyone. Sure do love hearing from you all. So anyhow- here is my notification lol - its done- its up and its viewable and shareable- but please read my tou's on the tutorial-list page.

Thanks in advance,

Perhaps, I will now have more creation time for items to be shared here. ?

Hugs to everyone,

Ps . I am feeling mighty old- my middle son turned 21 today- omgosh where does the time go?

Here is that link, just in case you need it .... if you've visited there before- please Refresh - so you can see it as it should be seen.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Word Art Freebie

I made a few different files with "Word Art" and decided it was time to "Make" time to add at least something here ... This Word Art is to use as you like... You can colorize it or use as is. They are on different layers. For credit just use Word Art from Tammy Jo Traver ( if able to hyperlink -you can hyperlink to my blog here or . ) Thank you and here is the image of Freebie # 1. Click on the image to download.

The Scrolling Stationery Tutorial * Just a note*

Has kept me pretty busy ( in my spare time ).... I have had many people write about it . Thanking me and some for a bit of help- which I do not mind at all ..... I love hearing from you all. I will let you know when the re-vamping is complete ... its very close to being totally done. It is more in depth... step by step.... and anyone that creates Incredimail "letters" can do it... so when I give te notice that it is up and done..... take a peek ... It is lengthy , but as I said, step by step -which made it lengthier.
I can not believe how far that tutorial has reached already . Yay! I am so glad you all like it. ( I do think you will like the re-vamped one better though- its stretched across several pages and not all up and down on one-where it gets a bit confusing.
So- just a note that I'm still here, just busy busy.
Hoping everyone is doing well. I shall soon have some freebies to post along with a few PTU kits ( but I need more time in a day. LOL )

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Been busy with a tutorial

So forgive me for not updating yet ... I will be, hopefully soon ! Not only am I busy as a bee writing up a tutorial for a scrolling stationery for use in Incredimail ( you can view that tutorial Here ------->> Scrolling Stationery Tutorial - Just remember if you visit there- or have already visited there to hit refresh off and on as I have been adding more ' detailed' information to it and more screen shots etc. There are a few other tutorials that will be going up as well - so stay tuned.
Anyhow back to what I was saying, Not only am I busy as a bee writing up and posting a tutorial for a scrolling stationery but we also have a 3 week guest in our home so - a bit more of my time goes into 'entertaining' off and on.
I'll eventually get time to post some goodies here ! I really will lol.
I hope that everyone is doing well.
If you do stop by my tutorial there- please , if you get a chance- sign the guestbook that is at the bottom of the page... TJsWebDesign GuestBook on my tutorial page. ( most of this site will be changed in the sense of background color etc- as it is a bit hard on the eyes to read the links -so pardon the dust as I gather other bits and pieces of sites that I have all over the net- here, there and everywhere- intentions are to organize them all into one site- so the dust will be thick for a while here- as I do have other's sites to finish up as well. Bear with me on this too please. But I would definitely appreciate a guestbook signature to let me know you've visited , that is if you get a chance. Not mandatory but very much appreciated.
It is raining here which to me, is peaceful- so I am heading to bed to see if this headache will go away that I've had for the better part of the day.
Hugs all around , and thank you for stopping in !

~TammyJo~ ( TJ) (Moon) (MoonDancer) -the list goes on and on.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tired..... but still wanted to wave " Hello"

It has been a very long and busy day for me-
and once again , I did not get any time to 'add' items to my blog.
I will though !!! I will,
I am headed right off to bed right now as the text is blurring and my body wants to hit the floor.
Maybe tomorrow there will be a little something new here.
Hugs, TammyJo*TJ*