Thursday, April 10, 2008

Been busy with a tutorial

So forgive me for not updating yet ... I will be, hopefully soon ! Not only am I busy as a bee writing up a tutorial for a scrolling stationery for use in Incredimail ( you can view that tutorial Here ------->> Scrolling Stationery Tutorial - Just remember if you visit there- or have already visited there to hit refresh off and on as I have been adding more ' detailed' information to it and more screen shots etc. There are a few other tutorials that will be going up as well - so stay tuned.
Anyhow back to what I was saying, Not only am I busy as a bee writing up and posting a tutorial for a scrolling stationery but we also have a 3 week guest in our home so - a bit more of my time goes into 'entertaining' off and on.
I'll eventually get time to post some goodies here ! I really will lol.
I hope that everyone is doing well.
If you do stop by my tutorial there- please , if you get a chance- sign the guestbook that is at the bottom of the page... TJsWebDesign GuestBook on my tutorial page. ( most of this site will be changed in the sense of background color etc- as it is a bit hard on the eyes to read the links -so pardon the dust as I gather other bits and pieces of sites that I have all over the net- here, there and everywhere- intentions are to organize them all into one site- so the dust will be thick for a while here- as I do have other's sites to finish up as well. Bear with me on this too please. But I would definitely appreciate a guestbook signature to let me know you've visited , that is if you get a chance. Not mandatory but very much appreciated.
It is raining here which to me, is peaceful- so I am heading to bed to see if this headache will go away that I've had for the better part of the day.
Hugs all around , and thank you for stopping in !

~TammyJo~ ( TJ) (Moon) (MoonDancer) -the list goes on and on.