Saturday, December 20, 2008

I have 2 *Freebies* for you today..

Michelle, from " Crafty Scraps" has a new kit ! It is beautiful. Be sure to go over to her shop and pick up the kit for yourself ... I had a blast with it and still have many more idea's on other creations that may appear at a later date as some more "freebies" for you. Oh and Check her blog too- as there is a sampler of this beautiful kit for you to download free. CraftyScraps Blog is "HERE".

I have created two quickpages and you can download them and add your favorite photo's in no time at all , the frame area is transparent so it makes it very nice to add your own images.

These are 3600 x 3600 and saved in png extension.. so the file size will seem a bit large ;-)

Click " Here" to get Quick Page # 1

And Click
" Here" to get Quick Page # 2

Please be sure to read the tou's included in each zip file ...

I shall return soon.
And I do hope you are all doing well.