Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another Note

Thought I should pop in and say " Hello" .....

My is down so everything is being done on " dial up" - boy what a difference... talk about a snails pace. Frustrating at times but ,- as I always say " It could be worse."?

I've been busy creating not only more tutorials for my web site but finally taking time to put together some scrapkits - I'll have some to share soon.

If anyone needs help with the scrolling stationery tutorial - don't be afraid to e-mail me.. I don't mind helping..... . ( I check this address most often ).

I am having a ball seeing all the outcomes everyone is getting from the tutorial. ( My styles box is happy ). Keep up the great work.

I think I am about to head to bed. I must be getting old ? I almost cant make it past 9 pm anymore and I go nowhere? ....

Lets blame the Ehlers Danlos..... ( yeah , sounds good to me ).

Hugs to all and I hope you have a great night!

P.s. Not very many days left to get a free 25.00 from RME - , if you are interested - you better hurry and send me an invitation please note.

P.P.S. Almost forgot to tell ya's - I am trying things out to sell Avon online - if you are interested - let me know and I'll send you the url. I wanted some things for myself lol and there were no reps that I knew so I found one I knew ( me.).