Friday, June 20, 2008

Just a note

I have been a bit behind due to illness- my apologies. The little hats and mitten sets that some want - are still in the "order" folder- I have not found any ' green ' yarn around this neck of the woods but have an order of green yarn coming in hopefully soon. Once I have it, it wont take long to whip out the green mittens/hats- so bear with me on waiting for that yarn to come in please. I will also be adding a paypal button for payment options when that time comes. I have so many colors of yarn - cant believe there is no green out of all the yarn I have. So keep checking...... and I'll send you emails also when the time comes . Sorry for the delay on those.

Second note- I have , off and on - put together some scrap kits - I will be adding a few soon- hopefully yet today. Seems every time I sit down at the computer- someone is either hungry or wants clothes washed for a specific time but not enough time ahead to go through both cycles etc - know what I mean? So - I just do things when I can ... (seems like in between those times - I'm either in bed due to ehlers or some ill reason ) - so time just isn't on my side anymore..... Oh well, I try and thats all anyone can do.

Hope everyone is doing well .
See you a bit later.