Monday, October 27, 2008

WordArt Freebie- Cant hear the Angels

Cant hear the Angels - Word Art... This word art is updated a tad - saved in psd format rather than pspimage and has a new preview plus " get this " - the link has been updated and hopefully works. Click " HERE" to pick up the zip file ....... tou's included in zip.

Thanks Crystal for letting me know that the link had become a bad link.. not sure what happened there !

Sorry for a re-upload of a previous post but editing was not something that was able to be done as it kept taking me to the bad link ..... so, uploading again - word art from a previous post.

Please only post link to my blog if sharing , rather than sharing the file itself... and as always, comments are more than welcome.

Hope someone can use it ;-)

Big hugs-


P.s. Please contact me if you have any questions or run into bad links. Thanks. or leave a message here in the comments- I will get it ..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Showing a beautiful tag that was made using one of my freebie scrap kits

Look at this beautiful tag made by Crystal ( You can visit her site(s) by going to the right hand side menu... Charmed by Gorjuss and Charmed by Psp ........ , she used my Free As A Butterfly Scrap Kit Sampler Freebie .. and came out with this beautiful outcome. I just love it. You can still pick up the freebie kit by clicking on the link above. Preview is in the archives as it was a while ago that I added it here. I also made a letter using it that I will add for sharing here soon. ( An IM letter ) ...

Thanks so much Crystal !!! I love it !!!

Big hugs to everyone-

am working on getting another bit of something out here tomorrow if possible.


P.s. - Since I am in the progress of finishing up some more scrap kits - I too, will be looking for some CTS- so if you are interested - please send me an email at and put CT in the subject line.

I am enjoying being a CT for Michelle at Crafty Scraps - and I hope that some of you will enjoy being creative with my upcoming kits ( and any prior kits that are here ). More Hugs, TJ

Woohoo, I got another Award....

Michelle, from Crafty Scraps... gave me this special award. I thank you very much Michelle. ! You are a doll.
And when you receive this award- you are supposed to say 7 things you love and give this to 7 more people....
7 Things I Love:
1. The Lord
2. My 3 sons
3. My Parents
4. My true friends
5. My PSP lol !!!
6. My pets
7. and diet coke and coffee !!!
Now I am supposed to give this award on to 7 others that I think should have it - will be hard choosing just 7 because there are so many of you that I think should have it but that is the rule -so please don't feel bad if I dont mention a specific name- you ALL mean the world to me.
I dont think Michelle wants me to choose her so she has to choose 7 more but pretend there is a name of hers on here because she is definitely one I'd choose !
1. Mahal from Mahals Designs
2. Wiciyela from Wiciyela's Designs
3. Storm from Storm's Designz
5. Crystal from Charmed by Gorjuss
6. BlueBird's Blog
Waving to Michelle and saying "Thank you again " " Big Hugs"
and " Big Hugs" to everyone... I hope you have a fantastic morning and an even more beautiful day !
TammyJo aka *TJ*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Page Freebies for you !!! Enjoy ..

Hi everyone,

As I stated yesterday, I have some goodies to share with you today. I've created not one, not two, not three lol - not four - but 5 quick pages using Michelle's beautiful scrap kit called
"A Little Spooky Scrap kit" . To purchase this fantastic scrap kit - click on the scrap kit image below... I know you will not be disappointed !

Check that out, even her previews are lovely !

Lets go on down the page here to find all the different outcomes in the 5 freebie quick pages below ... Who would have thought you could have so many different outcomes from one kit ? Oh and , this is not totally all of the outcomes there are- I am absolutely positive that you yourself could come up with even more outcomes for quick pages and/or layouts - etc... in fact - there will be more goodies yet from this lovely kit as freebies for you to download in the near future, but it's a secret for now ... so if you want to know what that secret (s) is/are - you will have to check back....

Below is the first quick page I created ... I had a blast with it and I think it came out lovely.

You can download this quick page " Here" .

All Quick Pages are "1600 x 1600" in size and are saved in the file type extension of "png". I have included in each zip file; the preview, the quick page, the scrap kit preview and last but not least, the tou's. I did not add any word art to this one -so that you can use it as is or add word art of your own choosing...... But..... Please remember if using word art not created by yourself- to double-check those tou's ... The creator of the word art may not approve of the word art being used on personal use quick pages- so please make sure ;-)

The quick page below is the exact same quick page as you can see- only this one has word art created by me ( so it is safe to use ) - already added to it . As with the first quick page- the zip file contains the quick page, the scrap kit preview , the quick page preview and the tou's. Again, please be sure to read the tou's.

You can download the Quick page with the Word Art on it " Here" ....

I know, I know, so far the quick pages are not very spooky huh? I am just one of those girly girls that love the fancy smancy type of items so kind of went the fancy way .. LOL .. But beware- you just never know what you might find on one of the following quick pages. " Plays Halloween Scary Tunes" ....... Are you scared yet ? * mwhahahahahhahaha......*

Quick Page # 3 - created with the same kit . Beware of spider ! LOL.... You know, I really am so afraid of spiders that I was learie of opening this scrap kit at all but awwwwwwwwwwwww he's a cute spider - not one of those ugly beastie , scary ones at all. Thank goodness. Lol. I have left this quick page without word art once again so that you can use as is or add word art of your own choosing or creating.

You can download the above Quick page " Here"

I was going to add word art to each one and give you the previews to each one- ( the one without word art and the one with word art ) but have changed my mind as I am in a rush to get these added to my blog since it has been so long since I have left any goodies for all of you.

So, so far , 3 quick pages from the same scrap kit - but uh , looky below: lol

I didn't stop at 3 ... No way- I'm totally addicted - and just wait till you see all the creations I have been working on .. Here is another Quick page from the same kit ( see- I told you- sooooo many different ways to use the items in the same scrap kit... ) Neat huh ? Let's go down a bit further ..

You can download the above quick page " Here"

Whoops , I seem to went back towards the "fancy" type for that there 4th quick page also - I guess we are just stuck with the fact that I will end up taking something " spooky " and making it not so Spooky lol. But , I like it and I hope you do too ! Again no word art so that you can place your own word art and/or use as is ;-)

Yes, I do have one more Quick page.... See below :

You can download the above quick page " Here"

All of the quick pages above that I created should give you a bit of an idea of just how many different outcomes you can get from just one of her beautiful kits....... And there are still so many more outcomes possible from this scrap kit. I had to force myself to stop or end up with no sleep. :-)

Believe me when I say that there are still many more ways with this very same kit to create even more and 'different ' quick pages or layouts ... How can one kit have so much in it ...? I'll let you in on the secret ...... It is because Michelle puts nothing but the very best into each kit ...... I will guarantee you, you will not be disappointed in purchasing any of her lovely kits. I had a blast playing with this kit and I know you will too.. so be sure to add it to your shopping cart.

If you have downloaded one or " All " of the quick pages above, please take time to leave a bit of a thank you by commenting in the comment boxes available. I do love hearing from you all.

I can not believe Halloween is just a few days away - where does the time go !?! ...

I hope you had fun downloading your freebies for today. Keep checking back for more goodies.
Big hugssss your way .

P.s. If you should run into any problems downloading any of these freebies, send an email to and we'll see what we can do to correct the problem.

More hugs ~
And see you soon !

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saying " Hello"

Hello everyone.....
I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...... I'm still here ... LOL, just been very busy. but, I did get some time during the " busy" time to work here and there on this and that and some of those this and that's are completed as of today.... but as we all know - has that bandwidth issue -so I can not upload large goodies to share until 3 am to 6 am... ( if I am even awake at those hours ! I will try ! ) ...
I have been creating with Michelle's ( Crafty Scraps ) beautiful scrap kits and have some quick pages to share with you from one of her beautiful scrap kits.. plus there will be more from her other lovely scrap kits to follow shortly there after - like I said " I've been doing a bit of this and that " lol ..... when possible. Feels so good to be ahead of myself for a change ... I have a ball playing with her kits.

And believe it or not, I have created quite a few scrap kits as well - and I will be sharing a bit of some of them with you soon also......

I have indeed been knitting those little hat and mitten sets and those are doing great - , online and offline - ( some are up for sale at the festival that is taking place in the woods behind my house ). I've knitted so many sets - I think I can do it with my eyes closed now * snickering *. - I'm still taking orders for them so if you are interested , take a peek at my home made crafts link over to the right hand side and send me an e-mail....

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well !!!
Big hugssssssss