Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another beautiful outcome using my "Cotton Candy" ScrapKit

This lovely stat was created with my cotton candy scrap kit by Chris B - on my birthday. What a pleasant surprise. I just sat there staring at it- and couldnt take my eyes off from it for such a very long time. She just did such a beautiful job. I did get permission from her to share her outcome in a screen shot here . This woman has made so many beautiful stats.... if you are in any Suzanne Woolcott type groups- , look for letters made by Chris B. - You wont find one you dislike - they are all so lovely.
Thank you again Chris for the beautiful stationery . Big hugs to you all and I hope you are having a nice day. I am heading outside to get some of that summer air before its gone- time flies too fast.
I have more scrap kits - embellishments- frames - coming soon- so if you havent- sign up on the feedblitz there -so you can be updated when something new is placed here. More hugs------- TammyJo

I'm still here !!!

Wow, been a while since I posted... things are crazy sometimes. I have been knitting a lot of little hat/mittens decorations -and you can keep updated on that by signing up for the feed blitz on the TammyJo's homemade creations link -over to the right hand side there. I now have mittens with no stripe- mittens with 1 stripe- mittens with 2 stripes- mittens with stripes all the way up - etc lol. New pics to go up soon- ( individual pics ) - I truly thought I'd have the pay pal system and the new pics up by now on that blog too but sometimes life just throws curveballs..... thankfully most understand. Thank you for understanding. Don't forget if you want to keep updated on it to sign up over there for the feedblitz- , there will be other home-made items as well- hand crocheted afghans, baby layettes, christening gowns - booties- anything you can imagine.
If you have a pattern of something you would like crocheted or knitted - contact me- and we'll discuss options of doing that .
I have another beautiful outcome from my cotton candy scrap kit which has been downloaded a lot ( thanks !) and Thank you for the beautiful comments. I do love reading them and I love seeing your outcomes. Ready? Next post will show you what I'm talking about- I just love it to bits.
Hugs and I hope everyone is doing as well as can be.
Enjoy what is left of summer !!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I was given this blog award from Mandy at Passionate scraps -Thank you Mandy

I got this award from Mandy
Thank you!!!I am passing this award on to:

Another beautiful outcome with use of my Cotton Candy kit !

A wonderful lady named Vania e-mailed me with her outcome from using my " Cotton Candy " Scrap Kit and I just love what she did with it so had to share with the rest of you. Is this not beautiful ? What a great job she did. The young lady is her granddaughter.
You can view it on her site "Vania's Blog" also and take a peek around -she has a lot of great items on her blog. It looks like she has been busy lol- she has added a lot more items since. Sorry that it took me so long to add this to my blog Vania - , I just ended up with too little of time -but this morning I found some so decided to use it to add your outcome . Thanks much for writing me and showing me your work !
Hugs and Blessings Always,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a small note about the knitted hat and mittens

Over on the right hand side menu - you will see a link to my handmade items blog- I have updated there and added a few more pictures of them with the green yarn - smaller than previously shown due to the yarn being smaller - go here : TJsHandmadeCrafts , to take a peek . Pay pal set up will be placed on site for them asap. - for those of you who have already been in contact with me for ordering them - please be sure to tell me exactly how you want them- color - stripes/ no stripes and what not. Price remains same for you due to having the waiting period to get your order going. Thank you for your patience.
There are going to be other homemade items on the other blog- so please, if interested - sign up for the feedblitz so that you will receive the updates.
Thanks in advance.
I have another outcome to add here that a lovely lady made from my Cotton Candy mini kit . So keep checking back - she did a lovely job !
Hoping everyone is doing well .
TammyJo *TJ*

Friday, August 1, 2008

Look what Mandy Made out of cotton candy !

Wow, all I can say is " WOW". I received an email from Mandy . I hope you do not mind Mandy, if I paste the entire e-mail here. Mandy is amazing . This turned out so beautiful.

Paste from Mandy :Hi TammyJo. I've just lately discovered your blog and love your scraps. I find that yours are the perfect size for me to tag with as I don't print them out. Loved Cotton Candy and I've made this tag with it. Hope you like it and keep up your beautiful work. Hugs Mandy (dingogirl)

I did write Mandy back after I came to- LOL, I was just stunned at the beauty of this signature tag she created from my " cotton candy" kit . I wish this blog had emoticons- Hey Mandy, please picture a standing ovation emoticon clapping away after seeing the beautiful sig tag you have made. I can not tell you how much it means to me to have heard from you and that you showed me your results. I am also very thankful to you for allowing me to add your beautiful outcome to my blog. Thank you so very much ! If anyone would like to leave Mandy feedback - please click on that comment button- I am sure she'd love to hear from you too.

I have a few more outcomes to share but waiting for permissions- its a permission world- which is a good thing - so stay tuned for more "cotton candy" outcomes.

Oh , also- as I mentioned to Mandy - , when people write me and or show me their outcomes- it really does give me the inspiration to create more- so look out blog world- , TJ's going to be adding more- more often. -

Big hugs Mandy and thank you - thank you- and thank you ;-)