Saturday, October 10, 2009

Woohoo its time for the Halloween Convoy

Hi everyone, it's time for another convoy. As always, if you have any problems with the files downloading etc. send me an e-mail ( click HERE ) and we'll remedy the situation.

Here is my preview for my portion of the Convoy... This is a Full Size Kit.

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Below is the list to the other participants in the Halloween Convoy . Try to find time to say Thank you... to each particpant you download from... Its just the polite and proper thing to do .

Also don't forget that we are not all in the same time zone ~ so if you come to a blog and there is no download ~ please pop back later :)


Sorry links have expired. Check back for the next freebie... you just never know when ;-)
Thanks for all the wonderful comments.
TammyJo aka *TJ*

( I do not know if all the participants listed below still have their freebies up or not so you will have to click the names to find out- some do and some don't I am sure - thanks again ! )

1. Blind Sight Desings
2. Angi's Place
3. SotoCreations
4. Lavendel Creations
5. TammyJo's Creations~you are here!
6. Moodz Scraps
7. Yanna
8. Calliscrap Design
9. Desertgirl Designs
10. Tzigane

Back to the beginning...

If you are interested in joining other of our convoys you can learn more here: Twisted Convoys

Hugs and thanks for stopping by !
TammyJo aka *TJ*