Monday, October 27, 2008

WordArt Freebie- Cant hear the Angels

Cant hear the Angels - Word Art... This word art is updated a tad - saved in psd format rather than pspimage and has a new preview plus " get this " - the link has been updated and hopefully works. Click " HERE" to pick up the zip file ....... tou's included in zip.

Thanks Crystal for letting me know that the link had become a bad link.. not sure what happened there !

Sorry for a re-upload of a previous post but editing was not something that was able to be done as it kept taking me to the bad link ..... so, uploading again - word art from a previous post.

Please only post link to my blog if sharing , rather than sharing the file itself... and as always, comments are more than welcome.

Hope someone can use it ;-)

Big hugs-


P.s. Please contact me if you have any questions or run into bad links. Thanks. or leave a message here in the comments- I will get it ..