Friday, May 23, 2008

Lets Talk Scrapkit * Freebie * by TammyJo

Okay, be gentle on me- this is thee first kit I'm "sharing" ... I've made several but haven't shared them as of yet.
Last night, I somehow was able to upload the preview that you see here even from dial up.
My son uploaded the scrapkit for me from my Mothers house- who also has but hers is working .
From this point, I need to say a huge Thank you to my friend Mary, for downloading, checking the file and re-uploading it to 4 shared so that if anyone else wants to download it -now you can do so. Click on the preview itself to be taken to the download spot.
This kit was made to go with the scrolling stationery that I made for the second tutorial -but of course, can be used for other tutorials etc if so desired. Please do read the tou's.... that are included in the zip and please do not share the link with anyone else- instead , send them here... to my blog.
More kits coming soon !
P.s. Please note- that the second tutorial is not upfront just yet , but will be sometime today . So if you do get Page Not Found- try again a bit later. I am working on it but remember- I'm on dialup and for some reason , keep getting disconnected today.