Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a Note

Hi everyone,

A few of you had inquired about the little sets of hats and mittens - I have not put up the pay pal information to receive orders for them the proper way yet because I am having a time finding green yarn and almost everyone would like Christmas Red and Christmas Green for a few of the pairs of hats and mittens - so those colors are really the ones that go out like hotcakes lol. I think I put in a note not too long ago that I hoped you all could bear with me until the yarn is delivered here as I had to order it -no stores in my area are carrying it any longer ( seems so odd ).... Once the yarn is in my hands- , it will not take long to whip up the little sets -so please keep checking back and I will indeed place notification here when the green yarn is in my hands so you know when to expect the ordering system to go up.
My apologies on the wait. I have gobs of yarn -and not one skein of green left - LOL.... If you are in a hurry and prefer to go with a different color for now- feel free to write me, that is up to you. ...
Hugs everyone -
Hope you are having a great day!
Tammy Jo

P.s. My health is finally looking up- still a ways to go but I am feeling more like my old self with each new day. Thank goodness. Thank you all who understood and sent prayers up for me- I appreciate it more than you know.