Friday, March 13, 2009

Rose created 3 tutorials

Rose made 3 new tutorials from the charity scrap kit called " A Family's Hope", that several designers created. It is being sold at Paradise4Scrappers ( Thanks so much Michelle ! ) . Rose is on the CT Team there and boy am I glad she is. I really love her outcomes. Take a peek at the tags below ( the images here are way smaller than what she created them due to being on my blog -so be sure to click on the hyper links under the tags to go see a better view of them ) and go peek at the tutorials - maybe even give the tutorials a whirl ? - Sure you can ;-) If you do , let me know and I'll be more than happy to blog your results here . Okay on with the beautiful tags that Rose created .

Tags with tutorial links below them:


Powder Blue


Pastel Fairy

Thanks again Rose ! So much !! For all the lovely tags and for creating tutorials using the charity kit " A Family's Hope". You've done such a fantabulous job on them all !

And Thank you to everyone who is reading this post and for being " YOU" .
I hope you are all having a great night !
TammyJo aka *TJ*

Looky Sue Did It Again

And I am going to give you a sneak peek at the beautiful tags she made for me using 2 of my scrap kits.


This one was created with the "Add-On" portion of the St Patricks Convoy that is going to go on through on my other blog - on St Patricks Day ... So keep your eyes open and grab that kit when it goes up on site. Isn't this just lovely ? Greatttttttttttttttt job Sue !

And you can find her tutorial " here"

Here is the second tutorial she wrote and this time she used the " A Family's Hope" charity kit that can be purchased at store. Check out what she did. I love it. I love them both.

Thanks so much Sue. The tutorial for this beauty can be found by going " Here". To purchase the scrap kit that she used to do the tutorial - go to and look for my name TammyJo's Creations and /or under Charity Collab ... You get a lot of kits for a small price and just think of all the tutorials, the items you can create through the use of that kit not to mention one of those lovely kits is Commercial use.

I hope you give Sue's new tutorials' a try and if you do- , and get time to share- feel free to e-mail me with your results - Id love to see them.

I hope everyone is having a great evening. I'm off to bed shortly here .. I know, " early" but , thats just how tired I am lol.

Hugs and thanks for reading/looking. Have yourselves a fantabulous evening/night ........