Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friends Are Kisses Word Art Freebie

Another Word Art Freebie - Friends are kisses blown to us by Angels.. If you would like to download this freebie, click on the preview. Credits are on a separate layer- same as before- if used in stat creation and/or webset - please just place my name and use the blogger address for the hyperlink. Thanks in advance, Hugs, Tammy Jo
P.s. Please do not send this file around- you may however, right click and save the preview and share it with a hyperlink to my blog ... I'd prefer people come here and pick up the word art rather than have it distributed by groups.

Word Art Freebie - Anyone can be an Angel

Just piddling around in psp so made some more Word Art ..... if you can call it that. - I realize not everyone has artistic talent - ( me being the main one in that statement ) - but perhaps Word art can be used even without artistic talent. At least I know, that everyone has the ability to bypass downloading it so am adding it -who knows, maybe someone out here will like it. You know the saying....... One mans trash , another mans treasure. I never said I was a graphics artist. Kwim? ( Kwim ----- know what I mean .?) Still waiting on that green yarn..... Until then- I'll just add bits and pieces and perhaps a kit or two just for the heck of it. Hoping everyone has a great Morning and an even better day.

Oh, the file can be picked up -by clicking on the preview. Credits are on a separate layer- if used in a stationery or web set- credit in the footer with link back to my blog would be great.

Hugs TammyJo