Monday, December 8, 2008

Sharing some outcomes created from my CC kit

Ah! For those of you who downloaded the Christmas Convoy kit , you probably noticed that the little plain red mittens are not so plain. I didn't change them on the preview -so yep a bit different , a bit of decor added to them. I think they look cute with the decor on them as well.

I thought I'd share a few outcomes friends have shared /created with this Christmas Convoy kit.

Stephanie created two IM Letters- one personalized for me ( Thank you Stephanie ! ) and one for the entire group ! GorjussFans . Click on the link to join our Online family.

Here is one preview of the IM Letter Stephanie created: Cute huh? I love it ! Thanks again Stephanie.

I have a few more to share - not too sure I will get them up tonight yet- being on satellite -Im up to get a few downloads during free bandwidth time - but that bed is calling me so I may not put more up to share until tomorrow. Time will tell. LOL.

Hoping everyone is having a Happy and Safe December !



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