Friday, October 24, 2008

Woohoo, I got another Award....

Michelle, from Crafty Scraps... gave me this special award. I thank you very much Michelle. ! You are a doll.
And when you receive this award- you are supposed to say 7 things you love and give this to 7 more people....
7 Things I Love:
1. The Lord
2. My 3 sons
3. My Parents
4. My true friends
5. My PSP lol !!!
6. My pets
7. and diet coke and coffee !!!
Now I am supposed to give this award on to 7 others that I think should have it - will be hard choosing just 7 because there are so many of you that I think should have it but that is the rule -so please don't feel bad if I dont mention a specific name- you ALL mean the world to me.
I dont think Michelle wants me to choose her so she has to choose 7 more but pretend there is a name of hers on here because she is definitely one I'd choose !
1. Mahal from Mahals Designs
2. Wiciyela from Wiciyela's Designs
3. Storm from Storm's Designz
5. Crystal from Charmed by Gorjuss
6. BlueBird's Blog
Waving to Michelle and saying "Thank you again " " Big Hugs"
and " Big Hugs" to everyone... I hope you have a fantastic morning and an even more beautiful day !
TammyJo aka *TJ*

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