Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Small Note

Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks for all the wonderful messages left here at my blog and at 4 shared. I realize 4shared is now making people log in to leave notes - and sometimes that just doesn't work out... I really appreciate you taking time to come back to my blog to leave a thank you.... so a 'thank you ' to you in return for leaving a Thank you ...

Just wanted to let everyone know.. I'm still here- not as much- but still here ! I have been very busy around the house and when I can, I put the finishing touches on the Christmas Convoy kit. Remember to come check on December 1st... wow does time fly or what.? , just around the corner now.! I am excited to be in my second ever blog train....

Weather wise, I'm unable to be "online" like before. Having dish is not always that great lol.. Okay, it could be worse but the weather really does stop me from being able to be here and update/upload/download etc as before- but I will do my best to make deadlines ...

E-mail ? Ha ! I'm way behind and if you have written me- please know that I just have not had time to read and respond to e-mail - I will though- so please be patient with me. I WILL respond soon. I am multi-tasking ! lol..

If you look over to the right hand side there- you will see a few new blinkies - I have decided to sell a few goodies ( only have a few up right now- but that will change when I am not so busy- and get more time to upload more ) - so be sure to click on the blinkie's- check things out, there are many great designers in the shops... I'm sure something will catch your eye ;-)

I will be needing a few more CT's - thank you Crystal and Chris B for taking on this new adventure with me. If anyone else is interested, there are benefits - so send me an e-mail at msmoondancer@gmail.com and/or tammyjoscreations@gmail.com and we'll discuss things. I'm looking forward to getting my many kits out here - and no, not all will be for sale..... I will have plenty of freebies to offer ..... if you prefer, you can always sign up with that feedblitz there and every time I post - you will get notification. (thus staying updated) The shops also have newsletters you can sign up for.

I hope everyone is keeping warm. It's white, snowy, icy and just downright cold here in Michigan. Brrrrrrr. - ( which, dont forget ---- means the dish might get icy which makes for a wonky connection ) but I will keep trying....!

Hugs to everyone and see you soon. Don't forget about the Christmas Convoy!!


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HeatherG said...

Thanks for the thanks. LOL And for the BTs. T4S