Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm still here !!!

Wow, been a while since I posted... things are crazy sometimes. I have been knitting a lot of little hat/mittens decorations -and you can keep updated on that by signing up for the feed blitz on the TammyJo's homemade creations link -over to the right hand side there. I now have mittens with no stripe- mittens with 1 stripe- mittens with 2 stripes- mittens with stripes all the way up - etc lol. New pics to go up soon- ( individual pics ) - I truly thought I'd have the pay pal system and the new pics up by now on that blog too but sometimes life just throws curveballs..... thankfully most understand. Thank you for understanding. Don't forget if you want to keep updated on it to sign up over there for the feedblitz- , there will be other home-made items as well- hand crocheted afghans, baby layettes, christening gowns - booties- anything you can imagine.
If you have a pattern of something you would like crocheted or knitted - contact me- and we'll discuss options of doing that .
I have another beautiful outcome from my cotton candy scrap kit which has been downloaded a lot ( thanks !) and Thank you for the beautiful comments. I do love reading them and I love seeing your outcomes. Ready? Next post will show you what I'm talking about- I just love it to bits.
Hugs and I hope everyone is doing as well as can be.
Enjoy what is left of summer !!

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