Thursday, April 24, 2008

RME- Have you heard of it ?

Have any of you heard of RME ? Revolution Money Exchange? - It's like PayPal . They are having a deal right now for people that sign up until May 15th... The deal is, if you sign up you will get $25.00 free from them as soon as you fill out your profile etc. I did it, and got my money right away. For every person that you send an invitation to that signs up and completes their profile .. you get ten dollars for referral.

If this sounds like something you are interested in ... contact me at and I'll send you an invitation. What do you have to lose ? Its an easy way to make free money.

If you don't get an invitation though, then you have to show them your utility bill lol.... so just ask for an invitation and that will bypass that situation. Yep, I do get ten dollars if you sign up under me but just think how many people might sign up under you once you send your invitations out? You'll get your free 25.00 plus ten dollars per sign up.

I like it !

Just a tidbit of infiormation shared ... so many of us are pinching dollars , trying to make ends meet each month -this is one way to help that battle.

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