Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Word Art Freebie

I know I am a true fan of using Word Art. I hope someone likes and can use these. A link back to my site if used on sites or in stationery would be nice but its not mandatory. This is another " colorize to whatever you prefer" type of Word art. Yes, lol - I put the wrong year on my label. Not once, but twice ! ... Oh well lol- we all know it is 2008. ( Isn't it? *snickers* )

How about a hyperlink to pick up the word art !? I can't believe I did that. File is zipped and can be picked up " HERE" .

Hugs and Hope everyone is doing well, let me know if you have any problems getting the file .

TammyJo *TJ*

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Charmed by Gorjuss said...

Help. I couldn't find the link on this one.